Become A Member

As a Member You Will:

  • Receive invitations to lectures, workshops, and social events
  • Help us produce tours and programs to enhance public awareness of the area’s significant architecture and heritage
  • Meet with visiting scholars and preservationists
  • Participate in educational demonstrations for repairing, restoring, and maintaing historic dwellings
  • Give us a strong voice for preservation as a means to enhance the economic and cultural health of the city

If you would like to join, print and fill out the form below and send with a check made out QHHPF to:

Quaker Hill Historic Preservation Foundation
521 N. West Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Type of Membership:

___Founder ($1000 or more)              ___Benefactor ($500)

___Sponsor ($100)                            ___Patron ($250)

___Business ($100)                           ___Family ($35)

___Friend ($25)                                 ___Full-time Student ($15)

*Membership contributions are fully tax-deductible

I/We wish to:

___Work on cultural events

___Be a tour guide

___Help with administration

___Do historical research

___Recruit membership


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